PROLAST Complete Floor Boxing Ring with Border Frame MADE IN USA

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Unique 14ft. Sq. Free Standing Boxing Training Ring 

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Superior Strength True Free-standing Combat Training Ring, so strong you can add up to 4 Heavy Bag attachments for each corner. With unique attachments, you can simultaneously rotation train fighters at 4 stations outside the ring on heavy, speed, or double end bags and train in the ring as well. This ring can add a multi-station to any gym.

With a 16ft 4” footprint of galvanized steel, the unique cantilevered design offers a stronger 14ft. Square of Ropes training area. Stronger rope tension yet, Easily transportable lighter weight with stronger ropes keeping fighters inside. There is no drilling required and no wood flooring as the Prolast ring is a True free standing ring and lower priced than the competition. The minimal connection construction allows for a fast build-up and dismantling with cantilever strong ring stiffness. By far a Superior Free-Standing competition and everyday training ring at a better price.

  • Fast 45 minutes or less to set up and break down with only 2 people.
  • Superior strength Tubular steel corner posts dual angled steel frame supports 
  • 4 corner cushioned turnbuckle covers that extend protection over top (2 Whites, 1 Red and 1 Blue) or you choose colors. 
  • 1 Set 8 Tri-Colored ring rope spacers (Blues, Reds and Whites
  • 6 Turnbuckles, 6 chains
  • 12 Turnbuckle covers (6 Whites, 3 Reds and 3 Blues) or you choose colors. 
  • 3 Ring ropes with covers (Red, White, Blue or Black) or you choose colors. 

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