PROLAST 4FT XL 130LB Luxury Heavy Punching Bag Black/Blue/Gold

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Finally, a Luxury Made in USA Heavy Punching Bag for big hitters with a huge size!
This EXTRA-WIDE LOAD BODY HEAVY BAG is built for heavy-handed punchers and elite athletes.
Ideal for one, two or even three boxers to train at the same time.
Heavy-duty, durable RIP-STOP cover is crafted for maximum results and longevity.
Cross-stitched canvas backing adds strength to the shell for all punches, strikes, and kicks. Includes a new seat-belt nylon 360-degree reinforced top hanging system with six double-layer nylon straps for ultimate security and longevity, without the added chain noise.
Center aligned weight is precision placed for maximum force dispersion and balance.
NOTE:Includes a LIFE-TIME Warranty at no extra cost! Ideal for gym and home use. Color: Black/Blue/Gold Weight When Purchased Filled: 130- 135 lb when filled lb Size: 18" X 18" X 48" MADE IN USA