PROLAST Boxing / MMA Angle Heavy Bag Black / Blue

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Amazing design allows athletes to work on every shot...uppercuts, hooks, straight punches, angled shots, jabs and more. PROLAST® Which stands for "Professional Products Made To Last" is thee "CHOICE OF PROFESSIONALS". This is the Best Standard sized Middleweight Punching Bag on the Market! Ideal for all-around full contact punching and kicking. Not a cheap import! Constructed in the USA from the finest materials by PROLAST®. Features a shell of heavyweight RIP-STOP® Technology impregnated material, quadruple-stitched along all stress seams. Resists weathering, stains, etc. Top hanging straps are heavyweight industrial webbing and run the entire length of the bag. Each bag is hand-stuffed with a custom blend of materials (no sawdust or paper!) Won't settle! All bags are hand-inspected and come with a FREE LIFETIME Warranty against defects in workmanship and materials. 

* 18" Diameter on top funnels down to 11" on bottom for a one-of-a-kind workout!

* Color: Black / Blue

* Size: 18" (Top) x 11" (Bottom) x 38" (Height)

* Weight: Approx. 75 Lbs.

* Shipped Filled

 * Made in the USA

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2 Reviews

  • Posted by Christopher on 22nd Nov 2019


    Good utility home bag for a wannabe boxer

    If you're looking for a do-it-all bag for your home gym I think this may be a winner. I rotate through two other bags of differing shape and weight but this bag at 75 lb according to the FedEx invoice is a great balance. It is heavy enough at the top for really good jabs and straights. But your slanted angle for the lower half of the bag gives you a perfect impact face to simulate a real body shot uppercut/liver punch and it give you the fist feedback you need to learn. This is where your typical cylinder heavy bag will fail. Attempting body shots on a cylinder heavy bag will give you funny fist feedback and possibly tweak your wrist.

    I'm sure it's perfect for knee strikes as well and the bag will fit in any weight and height limitations of any cheaper beginner stand if you started cheap like I did and offer you a lot of use at home.

    Additionally the d-ring at the bottom gives you the option to flip the bag upside down if you want to have a narrower upper target to simulate a human head. Or to change the balance of the bag for lower strikes. That, isn't in the bag description and you do what you want when you buy it.

    Overall, it's a good bag. Durable, bagged with a layer of fabric between the leather and filler and lifetime warranty.

    If I had to pick one bag for home use boxing, this is it.

  • Posted by Unknown on 5th Jan 2018


    Definitely worth the money

    Very high quality bag. It does everything you'd expect an angled heavy bag to do. Theres not much else to say other than that i have no complaints.