PROLAST® Professional Boxing Ring 20' X 20' (MADE IN USA) Complete

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PROLAST® Professional Boxing Ring 20' X 20' proudly manufactured in the USA from start to finish.  Additionally, they are the fastest and easiest to assemble.  A crew of two should be able to sit the ring up in 1 hour.  We build the competition boxing ring to use custom HEAVY-DUTY plywood flooring rather than 2" x 12" plank boards.  The use of plywood gives you a super smooth, perfectly flat, and a silent solid ring floor.   We build the World's strongest boxing ring, using structural grade steel.  No one else builds a boxing ring as strong as a PROLAST® Boxing Ring.

If you purchase the wood flooring from us, we offer an engineered custom (HEAVY-DUTY) plywood flooring that is 100% MADE IN USA, waterproof and will never bow or warp, making it the perfect ring floor.

This is the boxing ring that is being used in the world’s largest training gyms and arenas in championship bout fights.  

The PROLAST® Professional Boxing Ring 18' X 18' (MADE IN USA) Complete Package includes the following:


·         Drop and lock assembly – no nuts or bolts required
·         4 competition Corner posts
·         8 structural steel sides
·         Center support post
·         4 side support posts
·         Structural steel cross members – ring floor joists
·         Under ring tension cables with turnbuckles
·         Competition ring padding – 2.2 lb. EVA foam padding
·         Highest quality canvas mat cover with lacing rope
·         4 black lightweight ring skirts
·         4 complete ring ropes and vinyl covers
·         16 professional turnbuckles
·         16 turnbuckle covers with foam padding
·         1 set of 4 corner pads

.         MADE IN USA

.         LIFETIME Warranty

 A 20' platform will have 18' inside the ring ropes.  This is the largest size boxing ring used for all sanctioned events for both professional and amateur bouts.  

 This ring will ship via commercial truck line.  Additional shipping charges will apply.  Please contact us for a shipping quote.   You can check out, on line, using our EASY FINANCING with AFFIRM and then pay the shipping cost separately, if you like.  Or, if you are a registered business you may want to finance the entire purchase using our COMMERCIAL LEASING partner.    GYM OWNERS - SEE YOUR MONTHLY PAYMENTS WITH OUR FINANCING DEPT. 

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