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PRO MMA® designs & builds your MMA Cage, MMA Ring, MMA Cage Fence Panel, MMA Heavy Punching Bag Hanger & MMA mat. Buy, Lease, or Rent today! 

20 foot octagon or hexagon cage with delivery available.

State of the art design and construction by one of the most respected names in the industry to meet the highest standards as required by state boxing commissions.

Product Specifications

  • 2 Cage Stairs
  • 2 entrances with steps for both cornerman to access between rounds
  • 2 PROLAST® Ring Stools
  • Efficient installation ranging between 2-4 hours on the event date
  • Sleek and innovative design creates an impressive presentation for your event
  • Premium padding on all corners and poles

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The PROLAST® staff can assist you with many of your needs in a promoting a top quality event. That includes such services as assembling talent, matchmaking, ringside talent, product vendors, production, audio/visual, photography, graphic design, and press relations. Call us today and speak to one of our specialists (855) PRO-LAST 776-5278 or (323) 460-4600.

* Please read our (MMA FIGHTING RING/CAGE RENTAL POLICY as all rental reservations are subject to policy)