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PROLAST® Professional MMA Rings

This is not just a boxing ring with an extra ring rope added, this is built especially for MMA and the corner cushions, rope spacers, and all of the accessories are especially made for the Mixed Martial Arts Ring.  We have our corner cushions custom made for MMA rings along with the rope spacers, turnbuckle covers, and all accessories.
 We build traditional square PRO MMA® rings as well as Hexagonal (6 sided) PRO MMA® rings. We can build an Octagon rings as well, and do any type of custom project for you.
Since we are the manufacturer, we can custom build any size, shape, or style.  
Our rings include everything you need to set up and use the ring, except the wood, and that can be purchased from us also.   We build and ship these rings all over the world.  
The rings are ideal for all Mixed Martial Arts, Grappling, and Kickboxing.  These rings are made with structural steel, for the ultimate strength and safety.  Nobody can give you a stronger ring!  This is a PRO MMA® RING!
While other companies offer a difficult assembly with nuts and bolts, using cheap tubular steel, that often results in a very unsafe and unstable ring, we build our rings out of STRUCTURAL STEEL for the absolute strongest and safest ring available.  Just ask our customers, they will tell you, nobody builds a ring like PRO MMA!  
Our rings come apart in half-sized pieces for easy transportation, storage, and assembly. 
A PRO MMA® Ring complete package will include the following:
  • 4 PRO MMA® Ring corner ring poles 
  • 4 PRO MMA® Ring side support poles 
  • 1 PRO MMA® Ring center support pole 
  • 8 PRO MMA® side rails - super strong structural steel 
  • PRO MMA® structural steel cross member floor supports 
  • underneath support cables - with turnbuckles 
  • PRO MMA® Official 1" thick dense foam closed cell EVA ring padding 
  • 5 PRO MMA® official ring ropes - you pick the colors
  • PRO MMA® ring ropes are traditional 1" rope, but can be steel cable
  • 20 deluxe heavy duty turnbuckles 
  • 20 PRO MMA® turnbuckle sleeves/covers 
  • turnbuckle tightening bars 
  • PRO MMA® canvas or vinyl mat cover - you pick the color
  • lacing rope for mat cover 
  • 4 nylon tie on aprons - you pick the color  
  • 4 PRO MMA® Ring corner cushions   - you pick the colors
  • 4 PRO MMA® ring pole covers - you pick the colors
  • 8 PRO MMA® ring rope spacers 
  • 2 official ring stools 
  • 1 set (of 2)  ring steps - all steel frame, freestanding 
  • easy to follow assembly instructions 

Our customers are some of the BIGGEST MMA PROMOTERS in the world.  They don't have time or money to waste on cheaply built equipment.  When you need the best, the only choice is a ring from PRO MMA®.


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