PROLAST 85lb Heavy Bag for Boxing MMA Muay Thai Heavy Punching Bag -Brown

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The veteran of all heavy bags, this size bag is the most popular of all. Ideally designed in both shape and size this bag will accommodate everyone in your gym. As with all our heavy bags, we have succeeded in combining a perfect mix of balance, density and resistance. Proudly handcrafted in the USA,.Perfect, consistent density from top to bottom.

The inside is professionally packed with a specially blended poly-fiber filler to provide a resilient absorbency while maintaining a firm, cylindrical shape for life. Center aligned weight is precision placed for maximum force dispersion and balance. A tough triple-ply shell cover is tough and durable for maximum results. Cross-stitched canvas backing adds strength to the shell. Includes four seat belt nylon reinforced hanging straps with D-rings on top, and optional tie-down D-ring on bottom for securing to floor, and attachment hook. Ideal for gym, and home use.

Weight: 85 lb.

Dimension: 48" x 14"