PROLAST Advanced Reflex Bag 72" Boxing / MMA Punching Kicking Freestanding Heavy Bag

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* PROLAST® Reflex Bags eliminate the need for a heavy bag stand.

* They are great for indoors and for those who have a limited amount of space.

* The bases are uniquely designed so that when you kick or punch the bag it will come back at you.

* Striking surface is made of durable PROLAST® RIP-STOP Technology material over high density foam. which can only be ripped with a knife, scissor, or sharp objects. 


* LIFETIME WARRANTY on cover of heavy bag * Note after 7-10 years of constant use you'll need to replace the high density foam. 


 72" tall and a full 12" in diameter. 


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  • Posted by Joanne Victoria Gersowsky on 19th Aug 2019


    A brilliant addition to our home fitness

    The guys at ProLast really are a pleasure to deal with, ordered it and it was delivered to our apartment with great humour & affability.
    The build quality is just outstanding & will suit any level of fitness or skill, I hammered it with my gloves on for a full 45 minutes and it definitely won on points!
    I love that we can dead lift it, put it on its side & use it to plank & for other plyimettic moves, its got pride of place next to our rowing machine & on particularly stressful days we can close the door and go 25 rounds with it!
    Totally recommend this & would give a 5 star rating to the ProLast team on Vine for really great customer service! We’ll be back :)