PROLAST® Boxing Paddles- Black

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Full-grain cowhide leather paddles are all the rage in the trainer industry today. Reduce wrist, elbow and hand injury incurred through constant padding drills for a healthier and much more efficient way of training. Handstitched and crafted for speed and combo drilling. Layers of slabbed closed-cell SUPER-SHOCK foam padding is compressed to form a thick slab of shock-absorbent padding that efficiently deals with charged molecules. Simply grab the handle and get your pro athlete training the new age way.

• Full grain authentic cowhide leather will last you and your athlete a career
• Compressed closed cell foam is layered to offer a solid shock-absorbent experience to last you countless sessions
• Thick handle is ergonomically designed to fit the hands efficiently
• High-quality solid nylon strap requires you to simply feed arm through and grab the paddles for a zero-slip training experience
• Handcrafted and stitched using high-quality nylon threads