PROLAST Pro Muay Thai Heavy Bag MADE IN USA

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  • 6ft tall
  • When filled weights apx. 150lbs
  • Ships Filled or Unfilled
  • Made in USA
  • Comes with Life-Time 
  • Made out of heavy duty vinyl that we also use for custom 300lbs bags
  • When filled- Filled only with compressed fabric , no sand.
  • When filled- Ships in a reusable heavy duty vinyl heavy bag cover
  • 300lbs material capacity
  • Designed with heavy duty straps that are made out of the same material as the punching bag, so you don’t need any chains.
  • Heavy duty D-rings have extra padding to prevent flipping of the rings
  • Free Shipping in USA
  • COLOR :  Available in 15 solid colors and 144 color combinations. If you DON’T select any color we will ship the same bag as on the picture.
  • You will absolutely 100% Love our Muay Thai Punching Bag Guaranteed!