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Buy or Rent today ! The greatest wrestling ring package in the world is a PROLAST® Professional Wrestling Ring. Our rings have been featured in major motion pictures, video games, tv commercials, and they are used by the biggest and best wrestling promotions in the world. If you need the very best ring in the world, this is it! We ship our rings to countries all over the world! Only the best components are used in our PROLAST® Ring Package. Quick and easy set up, no ring sets up faster. These rings are super strong and built to last for years and years and years under heavy use. The rings are built flexibeam style, for the best bump, quickest set up time, and easiest transportation and storage capabilities. Flexibeam rings set up and come apart quickly and easily for transportation and storage. The PROLAST® ring packages can also be converted to the old "breakdown style" of ring free of charge. The "breakdown style" is one that comes apart in half-sized pieces, rather than the "long piece" flexibeam style. The breakdown style has a strong coil steel spring, centered underneath the ring, and usually results in a "stiffer" style ring. A Breakdown style ring is an older style of ring, not used very often anymore. The cross members are not in full length pieces, like they are in the Flexibeam style, they are in half sized pieces. This style of ring has a stiff coil spring in the center, unlike a Flexibeam ring, which does not have, or need a center spring. To convert a pro ring to this breakdown style, more parts and more labor is used, resulting in a higher cost. Generally, Flexibeam rings have a better bounce than Breakdown style rings, due to the stiff coil spring. We can build the rings, either fashion, and most of our rings that we send across the states and overseas are breakdown style rings. For more information call our Wrestling Ring department at (855) PRO-LAST (776-5278)