PROLAST Official 1FT Elevated Training Boxing Ring


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PROLAST® Official 1FT Training Boxing Ring - A four-rope training ring with a 12" high platform. Designed to withstand everyday use within a busy boxing gym. The powder coated corner posts are designed to withstand the tough conditions of a boxing gym and maintaining its quality finish. The under frame is lettered and numbered to speed up and simplify assembly. Self assembly time for two adults is approximately 120 minutes.

Available in sizes: 8ft-24ft.

Please note the ring size inside the ropes is: (12ft - 10ft) (14ft - 12ft) (16ft - 14ft) (18ft - 16ft) (20ft - 18ft) (22ft - 20ft) (24ft - 22ft)

The Made in USA PROLAST® Branded Official 1FT Elevated Training Boxing Ring includes:

- Made in USA Heavy-Duty Boxing Ring flooring boards.

- Made in USA Boxing Ring canvas.

- Made in USA Boxing and Professional Boxing Approved Ring Padding

- Made in USA Side skirts.

- Made in USA PROLAST® Branded Corner pads (1x Red, 1x blue, 2x White).

- Made in USA Boxing Ring rope tensioners.

- Made in USA Boxing Rope tensioner covers.

- Made in USA Boxing Ring rope.

- Made in USA Boxing Ring rope covers.

- Made in USA Boxing Rope separators.