PROLAST Official 3FT Elevated Training 20' x 20' Boxing Ring

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This is the complete package in professional boxing rings. Buy, Lease, or Rent a Boxing Ring for your next Pro Fight event or shoot! (323) 460-4600

Hybrid quality, outstanding price! Our Competition Boxing Ring can be set up at floor level for gym usage and converted to competition height for bouts. Extra supports and security were added for the ultimate in stability. Complete with board tie-down supports for virtually silent use. 

Comes Complete With:
All-steel frame
4 Corner Posts (2 White, 1 Red, 1 Blue)
4 Corner Cushions (2 White, 1 Red, 1 Blue)
USA Boxing approved Ring Padding
Ring Cover (White or Blue, you choose)
Cloth Ring Skirt (Red or Blue, you choose)
4 Ropes
4 Rope Covers (2 Red, 1 Blue, 1 White)
8 Rope Spacers
8 Rope Clamps
16 Rope Retainer Rings
16 Turnbuckles
16 Turnbuckle Covers (4 Red, 4 Blue, 8 White)
Stairs (2 sets)
2 Stools (1 Red, 1 Blue)
2 Corner Buckets
All you need is 2" x 12" wood flooring!

Can also be set at floor level for use in gyms!


Made in the USA 

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